Diary of an unatractive gaylord

hey internet people, this is a nice little area of the internet where we like to talk about things that inspire us to do great stuff or cheer us up and give us new energy to carry on learning, especially when we feel down :)

has boobies :3
also shaded in the background snail from adventure time :)
Applejack’s cutiemark is shaded in finally (red is the most difficult colour to tattoo with cos u cant tell if its red ink or just blood till a few hours after you shade it)
thanks for putting up with my random again guys :)
later tonight i might post updates on the tattoo’s ….. did some shading earlier today
and just when yu thought it could get no better :p all of this awesome was put into an MLP fabric bag (which is now my shopping bag for everything, yes it is)      > _ <
also i know all of this stuff is generation 1 MLP, i have been in love with all of it since i was 5 so yea generation 1 is my childhood so i love it (if you have not tried it then i highly recommend)
peace out :) 
aaaaaand an MLP jumper too :) 
close-up of the pattern for the pajamas :3